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I believe CHANGE

depends on unreasonable people!

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nurture next GENERATIONS


Every company wants to ...

... innovate in a unique and extraordinary way.

We help companies to give life and shape to new projects of product or process innovation with suitable teams that pursue concrete results at supersonic speed.

Investors seek
projects ...

... capable of generating very high gains.

We analyze trends, we look for niches of services or products that are desired but still non-existent, we apply the theories of a Circular Economy and we apply them to Concentric Business Models to create projects of platforms capable of generating high multiplier profits in 18 or 36 months.

Companies need technological research ...

... teams capable of quickly generating suitable, protectable solutions of great value and low economic impact.

We cultivate talents that we train from within the schools intervening in the school cycle with appropriate internships and training, focused on concrete projects that form the basis of projects for products or technological platforms that will be proposed to companies or investors/VC.

We do only what need
for the SUCCESS of the one who chooses us



We looking for unsolved problems in profitable markets with large sales volumes.


We study a feasible solution with embedded technologies, and we make a pretotype,


We propose it to the market or investor and if it works we looking for funding to get started.

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